Well-being Hub for Lenton

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for the creation of a well-being hub at The Lenton Centre! 🛠️💚

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This initiative is all about bringing our community together through woodworking, gardening, and creating a cosy café space where everyone can connect and relax. Our vision? To transform The Lenton Centre into a vibrant Wellbeing Hub, fostering both physical and mental health through hands-on activities and social gatherings. 🌱☕

But we need YOUR help to make this dream a reality! By supporting our campaign, you’re not just donating; you’re investing in a project that promises to enhance community well-being, promote skill development, and create a welcoming space for all to enjoy.

🎁 Perks Alert: We’ve got some amazing rewards for our backers, from Gym and Swim memberships courtesy of The Lenton Centre to Garden items that’ll be made in the workshop this campaign will help to build. Every contribution, big or small, brings us a step closer to our goal.

Ready to be a part of something special? Click the link below to donate and spread the word! Let’s build something incredible together. 🌟🙌

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Here is a list of the rewards for your contributions to the Crowdfunder

ContributionReward# Available
£2Warm fuzzy feelingUnlimited
£5 or moreName on the thank you page on our websiteUnlimited
£5A Packet of Wildflower Seed Bombs50
£10Handmade Birdhouse25
£10Handmade Welsh Slate Plant Markers 6pk25
£20Handmade Bird Table25
£40Handmade Square Planter10
£50Handmade Rectangle Planter (1m x 20cm)10
£101 hour of Table Tennis25
£10Attendance to one family swim session25
£201 month Swim Membership50
£1256 months Swim Membership25
£25012 months Swim Membership10
£121 month Gym Membership50
£806 months Gym Membership25
£16012 months Gym Membership10
£251 month Swim/ Gym Membership50
£1506 months Swim/ Gym Membership25
£30012 months Swim/ Gym Membership10
£85Pool Party5
As more rewards are announced we will add them to this list.

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Terms and Conditions

Only one reward of each size can be claimed per person regardless of how many times they donate to the fund.

Donors need to supply proof of donation before a reward can be claimed

Each reward will have a limited number of times they can be claimed

Each reward will be claimed on a first come first served basis from when The Lenton Centre receives the proof of donation, not from the date a donor makes the donation

To claim your reward please forward your Spacehive email receipt to admin@thelentoncentre.org.uk

As this campaign is an “all or nothing” campaign, meaning if we don’t hit the target amount we will get nothing, all rewards will be processed after the closing of the campaign.

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