Well-being Hub for Lenton

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for the creation of a well-being hub at The Lenton Centre! Click here to donate. This initiative is all about bringing our community together through woodworking, gardening, and creating a cosy café space where everyone can connect and relax. Our vision? To transform The Lenton … Read more

Sytner Audi vs Yorkshire 3 Peaks for TLC!

Join us in supporting Sytner Audi as they embark on the thrilling Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on July 13, with the ambitious goal of conquering the highest peaks in Yorkshire within just 12 hours! Our dedicated team of employees is driven to push their limits for an incredible cause – raising funds for The Lenton … Read more

Mairi’s Cafe

Fancy a cuppa and a cake? We’ve got it covered. Mairi’s Cafe is now open for business at The Lenton Centre. Opening times are as follows: Wednesday 15:15 – 19:15 Thursday 15:15 – 18:15 Saturday 08:00 – 15:30 Sunday 08:00 – 13:00 Click above to see our delicious menu!

Fit Back Into Life With The Lenton Centre

“The new normal is the new me.” I’m awake, gym bag packed, ready to go. I want to walk into the gym, see friendly faces, find my usual locker, fill my water bottle and workout as if life’s normal. I want to feel the burn, suffer muscle soreness, see the gains, touch the energy. Returning … Read more