By volunteering with The Lenton Centre, you contribute to an array of community initiatives that heavily rely on us. These encompass a charity dedicated to adults with learning disabilities, programs for children and young people, and a health and wellness initiative. We operate without shareholders; our efforts are purely collaborative and focused on serving the community.

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As you dedicate your time, talents, and energy, it’s only fair that you also receive something in return. Many of our volunteers have distinct motivations for their involvement, and we’ve highlighted a few here:

Acquiring New Abilities: Whether you’re in school, beginning a career, seeking employment, or trying to enhance your chances of advancement, volunteering can be an excellent way to gain and hone the skills you require, both in practice and in personal growth. We provide the necessary training and assist you in finding the resources and support you require.

Creating New Connections: Life’s changes can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness. You may have recently relocated or suffered a personal loss. Or maybe, you’ve gradually lost contact with others due to evolving life situations. Volunteering reintegrates you into your community and aids in forming new friendships to stave off isolation.

Enhancing Mental and Physical Health: Staying active, both mentally and physically, has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. Over 80% of our volunteers report that their service has enhanced their mental health and well-being. Nearly half believe it has positively impacted their physical health — a logical conclusion considering the physical activity involved in tasks such as setting up rooms for various activities.

Giving Back: Perhaps at some point in your life, you’ve been the beneficiary of volunteer services, or you’ve experienced the support our charity provides. Or maybe, you feel you’ve been fortunate and want to extend your good fortune to others. Volunteering provides you the chance to ‘pay it forward’ or reciprocate.

Boosting Your Self-Esteem: Life events like losing a job or needing extended time away from work can dent your self-confidence. Some people are simply introverted and aim to develop their interpersonal skills. Volunteering allows you to regain your footing gradually and comfortably, helping you rebuild your confidence in a manner that suits you.

Each person has unique reasons for volunteering and their own expectations of what it can bring to them. There’s no single correct approach; it’s all about investigating available options and discovering the one that feels right for you.

The most crucial aspect of volunteering is that it should be enjoyable, rewarding, and fulfilling for you, just as much as it is for the individuals you assist.

Below is a range of volunteering opportunities…

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Volunteer Gardener

This is an exciting opportunity to support The Lenton Centre to create a vibrant and thriving community garden for all to enjoy.

  • Garden Maintenance:
    • Maintain and nurture the TLC garden to ensure its overall health and vitality.
    • Perform regular weeding, watering, and pruning to promote the growth of plants and maintain an attractive garden environment.
    • Monitor and control pests, diseases, and weeds on TLC property through appropriate methods, including organic approaches whenever possible.
    • Collaborate with fellow volunteers and staff members to plan and implement seasonal planting, as well as the rotation of crops and flowers.
  • Garden Design and Beautification:
    • Work with other volunteers and the Centre Manager to develop and implement creative garden designs that enhance the overall aesthetics of the space.
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Volunteer Centre Attendant

This opportunity will support our team in the day-to-day running of the centre while learning valuable transferable skills.
As a Volunteer Centre Attendant, you will be involved in:

  • Assisting in the daily operations of The Lenton Centre, including maintaining cleanliness and tidiness.
  • Providing excellent customer service by greeting and assisting visitors, answering inquiries, and ensuring their needs are met.
  • Supporting the coordination and setup of leisure activities and programs, such as sports events, fitness classes, and community gatherings.
  • Assisting with the registration and check-in process for visitors.
  • Helping to maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment, restocking as needed.
  • Working with other volunteers and staff members to create a positive and inclusive environment for all visitors.
  • Reporting any issues or concerns to the appropriate personnel for resolution.
  • Adhering to all safety guidelines and regulations to ensure the well-being of visitors and staff.
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Volunteer Receptionist

This is an exciting opportunity to support The Lenton Centre with welcoming visitors and members. Duties include:

  • Welcoming visitors and service users.
  • Answering telephone calls and redirecting them to appropriate staff members, taking messages when necessary.
  • Taking bookings for rooms and activities, by email, telephone, and in person, and entering bookings into the diary system.
  • Operating the till and taking payments for activities, room bookings, and goods.
  • Signing up new members and taking payments.
  • Providing general administration support, including photocopying, filing, collating fact sheets, and booklets, and assisting with mailings, publicity, and events.
  • Maintaining confidentiality and complying with policies and procedures.
  • Willingness to undertake additional duties and training as reasonably requested.
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Volunteer Lifeguard

This is an exciting opportunity to support The Lenton Centre by ensuring the safety of swimmers during public, swim school, and specialist swimming sessions.

As a volunteer lifeguard, your duties will include:

  • Monitoring and ensuring the safety of individuals in and around the pool.
  • Enforcing rules and regulations to prevent accidents and promote a safe swimming environment.
  • Performing dynamic risk assessments, identifying hazards, and taking prompt action to address them.
  • Responding quickly and effectively to emergencies, providing first aid and CPR.
  • Communicating and collaborating with lifeguards, staff, and emergency personnel.
  • Maintain incident reports and complete required documentation.
  • Performing regular checks of the pool area to identify and address any hazards or safety concerns.
  • Assisting with the setup and takedown of pool equipment and supplies.
  • Providing excellent customer service by addressing inquiries and providing information to customers.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of the pool area, including restrooms and surrounding areas.
  • Assisting in organising and conducting pool events or activities.
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Volunteer Project Support Worker

This is an exciting opportunity to support The Lenton Centre in the organisation and delivery of various community activities, including:

  • Exercise classes and social activities are tailored for various groups, including older people with limited mobility and adults with learning disabilities.
  • After-school/holiday clubs engaging children and fostering their interest in the activities provided. 
  • A parent and toddler session, providing a supportive environment for parents and young children to interact and learn together.
  • A dementia group, creating opportunities for socialization, engagement, and mental stimulation for individuals living with dementia and their carers.
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