The Lenton Centre Faces Potential Closure Amid Financial Struggles

The Lenton Centre, a well-loved community hub featuring a swimming pool, gym, hall, and community spaces, faces the threat of closure of all or part of their building, which will significantly impact the community. This essential organisation now urgently seeks financial aid to continue its operations. To continue to support the local community with the … Read more

Well-being Hub for Lenton

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for the creation of a well-being hub at The Lenton Centre! Click here to donate. This initiative is all about bringing our community together through woodworking, gardening, and creating a cosy café space where everyone can connect and relax. Our vision? To transform The Lenton … Read more

How grant funding works

There are many grant funders throughout the UK, these often specialise in a specific area of funding, like sports or supporting people from a particular demographic like the BAME or LGBTQ+ communities. We must make an application to them for a project or activity we wish to deliver, providing details of who we are, which … Read more

Fit Back Into Life With The Lenton Centre

“The new normal is the new me.” I’m awake, gym bag packed, ready to go. I want to walk into the gym, see friendly faces, find my usual locker, fill my water bottle and workout as if life’s normal. I want to feel the burn, suffer muscle soreness, see the gains, touch the energy. Returning … Read more

Spring Cleaning

Summer’s on the doorstep, our garden is coming along nicely and our toilets have been painted! We are also getting back to normal as much as possible so things are looking up!