Gym Timetable April 2021

Monday 12th April: 11am-8pm
Tuesday 13th April: 11am-12pm / 4pm-8pm
Wednesday 14th April: 11am-9pm
Thursday 15th April: 11am-9pm
Friday 16th April: 8am-8pm
Saturday 17th April: 8am-5pm
Monday 18th April: 11am-8pm
Tuesday 19th April: 11am-12pm / 4pm-8pm
Wednesday 20th April: 4pm-8pm
Thursday 21st April: 11am-9pm
Friday 22nd April: 8am-8pm
Saturday 23rd April: 8am-5pm
Sunday 24th April: 9am-3pm

We have a maximum of 6 people per 50 minute time slots and we ask that you book and pay in advance.

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