How we are managed

The Lenton Centre is a membership organisation. Our members are at the heart of everything we do. Members have their say on how we are managed. They can attend our Annual General Meetings, have their say on important issues and vote during board member elections. To find out more about becoming a member please telephone us on 0115 941 2422.

Board of Trustees
The Lenton Centre is managed by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are members of the organisation and volunteer their time. The board are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the centre and are supported by a part time Chief Executive. The board meets at least 10 times a year, and they also have additional advisers and staff representatives on hand to help throughout the year. To find out more about becoming a Board member please telephone us on 0115 941 2422.

Our Trustees

Megan Smith grew up in Doncaster before studying medicine in Manchester and working as a Paediatrician. She initially came to Nottingham to work as a consultant at the QMC before taking a big shift in career in 2012 to become the Vicar of Lenton and a chaplain to the University of Nottingham.

Community development has always been close to her heart, especially in inner-city areas, and she’s been volunteering in various projects for over 25 years.

She joined the TLC board in 2014 at the time of the merger of the Dunkirk & Lenton Partnership Forum (having previously been a trustee of the DPLF) and brought with her a greal deal of experience in safeguarding, community partnerships and strategic development, mediation training and conflict resolution.

She loves the vibrant mix of people from different backgrounds that make up the community of Lenton, even though this comes with its challenges. Her current role sees her working within schools and with families, children, students and older people.

When not working she loves being out and about on a bike, baking bread and gardening.

Her hope for the Lenton Centre is that it can develop its full potential for being a hub of activity in the community where many different people can thrive and work together to make Lenton the best place in Nottingham to live.

Pavlos Kotsonis is the local councillor representing Lenton and Wollaton East for Nottingham City Council. He is a mathematics graduate from Glasgow university, a Chinese language speaker with language studies in Nankai university in Tianjin, China and a student of political economy and development with a masters from Birmingham University.

Pavlos is a firm believer in equitable development and equal opportunity and spends most of his time doing community work. He is proud to be part of The Lenton Centre, a social enterprise that constitutes an asset for the people of Nottingham.

Dr Latifimran Jalil is an academic who has lived in Lenton for over 36 years. As a child, he attended Lenton Primary school, several local youth groups and even learnt to swim at The Lenton Centre.

When the building was threatened with closure in 2004, Latifimran was there protesting against its closure.

Latifimran joined the current board of trustees in 2018 having already been a trustee of the Lenton and Dunkirk partnership forum. He is also a trustee of two other charities in Nottingham, The AL ZAHRA Foundation (since 2009) and Al-Hurraya (since 2017.)

Dave Sankey was born in Nottingham, and spent half of his life living in the city.

Dave has almost two decades of experience working in the sports and leisure industry and is an experienced Leisure Centre and Swim School Operator. Dave is director of a number of businesses including a leisure centre in North Derbyshire of similar size to The Lenton Centre.

Dave is one of the newest members of the TLC board, having joined in 2020. Having previously lived in Lenton, and made use of TLC’s facilities over a number of years, Dave hopes that his experience will allow him to provide advice and support across a range of areas to the team at TLC. He hopes to be able to help to drive TLC to continue to survive and thrive as a sustainable organisation able to provide for a diverse range of people throughout the local community.