The Lenton Centre

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WAP Activ2

Are you a learning disabled adult who finds it hard to get active?

Do you want to lose weight but just can't seem to do it?

If you answer is YES then we can help!



It's on every Tuesday night from 6:00 - 8:30

How Much?

It costs £ 3 for the night which will include healthy drinks and fruit.

Do I need to book?

No, but if you can that would be great! You can book through reception at The Lenton Centre on 0115 941 2422


WAP ACTIV2 is based in The Lenton Centre, in the middle of Lenton. (just along from the QMC and behind the Savoy cinema).

Its address is:

Willoughby St




What do I need?

All you need are some trainers, loose clothes and willingness to try a range of activites from games to balancing. All sessions are led by qualified fitness instructors and adapted to your individual abilities. Each night you will also spend some time with a health worker who will support you in trying to acheive your healthcare goals.

If I need extra help, can I talk to anyone to see if WAP Activ2 is for me?

Yes, we are really happy to talk about your needs and what we offer. Please do ring the Lenton Centre number 0115 941 2422 and ask for Zenn or Russell.

If they are not there, leave your name and number so someone can talk to you or your carers.

Is there any trasport provided?

Sorry, no, but the Lenton Centre is accessible by public transport and there is free parking available. if you want to know directions please ring 0115 941 2422.

WAP activ2 is organised by the West Area Project, a small organisation providing day activities fro learning disabled adults based at the Lenton Centre. You can contact the West Area Project on 1115 905 6060 or Charity number 701055