Lockdown Activities

You can enjoy all of the following Lenton Centre activities during the November 2020 lockdown.

1) Lockdown Walks: Tuesday mornings 9am-10am

2) High Intensity Training (via Zoom): Wednesdays 1pm

3) Circuit Training (via Zoom): Tuesdays 1:30pm

4) Online ESOL lessons (via Zoom): Thursdays 10am-10:40am Beginners / 10:45-11:20am Advanced

5) Chair Based Exercises (via Zoom): Fridays 11am

6) Zumba (via Zoom): Fridays 6pm

7) Virtual Family Story Time (via Zoom): Saturdays 11:45am-12:15pm

8) Telephone Support For Isolated/Lonely People: Contact 07722 484 345

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