Maintenance Work

Here at TLC, we have had some well needed maintenance work done on our Swimming Pool Plant in time for reopening in July 2020.
The old system has been ripped out and replaced with a more modern, efficient system and our sand filter now has fresh new sand and glass. We have a turnover rate of around 2-3 hours. In addition to this, we have installed new pumps, gauges and a strainer onto the new circulatory system, new plastic pipe has replaced old cast iron piping and nearly 95% of all pipes have been replaced. We will run the Chlorine Level at 1.5 ppm and have a Ph of 7.0 – 7.2 to prevent bacteria in the pool.

We also needed to empty the pool to replace grates, pool steps and the grill at the bottom of the deep end, as well as sand blast some pipework going into the pool at the shallow end as this had scaled up, but had to do it very gradually. Depending on the size, it can take approx. to 4 – 10 days to safely drain a pool. You can’t just ‘pull the plug’ and let the water gush out as this would cause the bricks to crack and possibly cave in.

We do now have a date to re-open 27 July 2020 for viable activities which will be phased, but if you keep checking the website, or follow us on Facebook, we will keep you updated. The Pool will open first with the Gym to follow with bookable slots during the day. There will be strict capacities on the Pool, Changing Room and Gym so we can clean and keep to Social distancing Guidelines.

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